The transcriptions (pdfs) listed below are all produced by Rick Hefner ( I've used them to write my books.  They are £5 each. Please use PayPal. Make a note of your selection on the Paypal payment page and send to   The pdf will be sent the same day. Thanks.
The keys shown are for Bb instruments.

   CHLOE FEORANZO :  Youtube:  Tea for Two   

      Tea for Two  (F)                                I'm In the Market For You (F)

       I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (G)        My Blue Heaven (F)

       Rosetta (G)

   JIM TOMLINSON:  Youtube:  So Danco Samba

       So Danco Samba (D)

       No More Blues  (F)

3   SEDAJAZZ :  Youtube:  Festival de Godella 

       Sedajazzsolo (G)

4    DEXTER GORDON:  Youtube:  Those Were The Days  

       Those Were The Days (Eb)

5   AL GAY: 

       It Don't Mean A Thing  (Bb)

   MICHEL PETRUCCIANI:  C Jam Blues   (in F)

       C Jam Blues (F)

7    SCOTT ROBINSON:  YouTube: Georgia On My Mind (tenor sax in C)

      Georgia On My Mind (C)

      Once In a While  (D)

      Who's Sorry Now (C)

8    EVA FERNANDEZ:  YouTube: Georgia On My Mind  (alto sax in G)

      Georgia On My Mind (G)

9    NEW RED ONION JAZZ BABIES: Youtube:  I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (D)

      I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (D)