This is a great book with which to start learning the basics of improvisation as well as playing  and understanding the blues and its extended forms. What you learn in this book can be applied to any instrument.                                                                                           Many great players use nothing but the blues scale and its variations when playing the blues. If you've been listening to lots of blues recordings, you're half way there already. Anyone who wants to be creative will be amazed at the satisfaction gained by mastering the skills of improvisation, and  It's not as difficult as you think.                                                    The process of improvisation is demonstrated by using small cell units which can be combined in any order with other cell units to form clusters (two or four combined cells). These clusters in turn are combined to from musical phrases.You'll soon be creating some great licks.                                                                                                                    Improvisation isn't about learning someone else's '100 great licks that every blues player should know'. You'll never get anywhere that way nor will you ever get to understanding the creative side of music making .You'll always be a slave to someone else's ideas and remain totally ignorant about how to create your own solos.                                                                                                  This book puts you in the driving seat and lets you control what you want to play.

62 pages

Tin Roof Blues wma. Recorded in 1994

68 pages

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REVIEWS - from eBay

I like it a lot! The book is very well laid out and I think I will be using it on a regular basis! Many Thanks .  Buyer: ste787 (38)

Item received in good order. Exactly as described. Top ebayer !!    scorpio 48-11-06 (95)  

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED EBAYER - nice item & fast delivery - Many thanks! crazy-venus ( 788)

fine             dooberry20                  Thanks dooberry!!

excellent, recommended        burb16 ( 108)       15:37      THE BLUES SCALE

Hi Harold,
Got the book today, and having had a good look at it, I really like it. 
I like the layout and the simple notebook type drawings. The use of different coloured inks is also a good idea. The chapters and type face are also easily understood. 
The cd is also very useful and well recorded, with good quality sound. I especially like the "piano" section, my step daughter liked that and she found it easy to follow. 
The only thing I would mention is that the front page does say beginner, so a tab section may be of use, only because many beginner guitarists cannot read music. I teach guitar to some young kids at the school I work at, and reading music comes much harder than reading tab, especially at the start. 
Overall, a great book which I shall keep with me and use with the band I'm currently in. 
I shall now leave some great ebay feedback for you.
Many thanks,
Sean.   (sp68special)