1  To buy a book on ebay go back to the 'PRACTICAL GUIDES' page.                2   Click on the book that you'd like to buy and you'll arrive on the book's 'Intro'                                                                                                                   3  Then click on 'Summary/Buy' and click on the book title. You will be taken to .....ebay where you'll see the book.                                                                         ...To check out the complete series on ebay go to  'see other items'

OR buy the book here:

How to buy a book or an e-book

1 Note the price (and the postage)

2 Go to Paypal and make the payment for the book to:
While you're there look out for a box where you can enter the book title OR send me an email giving me the book title you have ordered.

*You need to have an account with PayPal

Paypal will send you a receipt for your purchase. Paypal will inform me of your purchase and your delivery details and I'll email you the e-book  as a pdf the same day (often within the hour) or post your book within a couple of days.