So Danco Samba 


Here's an analysis of the solo on 'So Danco Samba' by saxophonist Jim Tomlinson. Listen to it on the enclosed cd, the emailed mp3 or on Spotify

Attention is drawn to:

the emotional impact of the improvised solo

the notes used to cover the chords and substituted chords

phrase starting notes: chromatic or secondary scale notes

notes arranged to form enclosures

notes placed to give interesting intervals

the way the notes are grouped

to give re-usable clusters

how the groups prepare for the notes of the next chord

the chord substitutions used by the soloist

The complete recording is transcribed by Rick Hefner (

This version can be heard on Spotity under Jim Tomlinson/ 'So Danco Samba' from his album Brazilian Sketches.

HK 2015


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