This book deals with the three main chord types: the major, minor and dominant chords. The book shows how these three chords follow on from one another and the techniques used to join them, so that these chords flow into each other, producing smoother and less obvious changes.                                                                                                                In general, the same idea of producing musical phrases is used (as is demonstrated in 'The Blues Scale') - that of combining cells into clusters which in turn are used to form short phrases. It's dead easy to follow and creative fun. Before long you'll be making up stacks of your own cluster/phrase combinations.                                                                                            The ideas in this book can be applied to any instrument. Just listen to David Sanborn and Eric Clapton playing together. * They don't.use.separate languages-jazz.and.blues-..they.use.the.language.of.improvisation.............                                                                          *Legends: Live at Montreux 1997 - Clapton/Gadd/Miller/Sample/Sanborn [2008]

Jazzin' the Blues

101 pages

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