Stan Getz


Here's a selection of Stan Getz transcriptions

Most of the time I feel comfortable about my progress as a sax player but only too often I can't help thinking- how does this guy/ dame play in such a riveting way?

Checking out transcriptions of his/her improvisations is one way of finding out.

In a transcription there's a lot of material to get stuck into.

Obviously my notes will leave many questions unaswered and some answers, based on my interpretation of techniques employed by the soloist, may differ from someone else's analysis.

I've aimed my analysis at the intermediate+ player.

If you're a beginner you may feel that I've left out stuff that needs explaning.

However, you can be sure an email to me* with your question will get a prompt reply. And there are my other books on improvisation that may help. There's a list at the end of the book.

Plenty to think about!

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