Practical Guides to Improvisation   

              A series of books written for the adventurous musician.

HK for all instruments

Want to know what to play over a blues or jazz chord                                                             progression  ?                                                                                                     

You're in the right place!

Each book introduces a simple and basic idea and explores its possible usefulness as a tool for improvisation, then looks to find the most relevant harmonic settings for expressing that idea.

  •   Improvising techniques for all levels                     
  •   Start off with a simple idea and end up with lots of routes to explore.
  •   Lots of explanations and examples
  •   Guaranteed to get you practising!
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The series consist of the following books:

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        ENCLOSURES AND APPROACH NOTES   Great product, service, & communication.

        PLAYING OUTSIDE   Great product, service, and follow up. Very happy customer. Thanks H!!!!!!!

       THE DIMINISHED SCALE   Great book,interesting reading that any musician will appreciate. Many thanks.

       THE ALTERED DOMINANT SCALE  Excellent buy